The official language of the conference is English.
The dislike of econometricians for a priori  criticism of hypotheses is more personal. They just have  to believe that the hypotheses are testable, for if not, they have nothing to test. 



42st Macromodels International Conference

We are pleased to announce the 42st Macromodels International Conference.
Financial support from the Polish Academy of Sciences is gratefully acknowledged.



About Macromodels

The aim of the conference, organised every year since 1974, is to bring together scientists who work in the field of econometric modelling in order to facilitate the exchange of views and experience. Within the scope of interest are issues such as the problems of estimation, simulation, developing econometric models and their use for policy analyses. Recently, a special attention has been given to modelling economies that undergo transition from centrally planned towards market systems, and new EU member countries.

Primary conference topics
National Economy Models
Modelling Economies in Transition
Forecasting and Evaluation of Forecasts
EU and EMU Enlargement Issues
Modelling Inflation and Unemployment
Modelling Foreign Trade
Financial Econometrics
Control Theory and Economic Modelling
Input-Output Modelling


Coming conference


42st Macromodels International Conference will take place in Trzebieszowice k. Lądek Zdrój, 16 November - 19 November, 2015.


Registration deadline is October 19, 2015.


Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics


We encourage conference participants to submit papers to CEJEME.







The aim of Association for Modelling and Forecasting Economies in Transition (AMFET) is to promote the exchange of economic knowledge, to advance scientific understanding of transition economies and to stimulate the creation of networks. We encourage conference participants to join AMFET.